Color Trends 2018 – Home

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to love your home so much that you never want to leave?

Decor 2

Luxe Espace is a French rendition of Luxury Space, will help you define and create the style that perfectly expresses your sense of home and will help you to truly love your living space.

It’s that feeling you get when you enter a space that says something. Sometimes it’s a good feeling, sometimes one that you’re not so sure about – it’s Emotion. When you walk into a room you should feel it, not just see it. Exceptional space design should create a feeling. It should tell you something about the person who inhabits the space. This is personal –

Being surrounded by the personal things you cherish and that speak to you is what makes a house a home. The colors that make you come alive or promote that ultimate restful environment are specific to you and will create a sense of well-being that helps you face the world.


Knowing that everyone’s choices and tastes are unique, will share and update all viable Home décor, design ideas and trends forecast for each season. Luxe Espace would appreciate her viewers response to understand and listen to what they want their homes to be. Each person’s vision of perfection is intensely personal. Learning about each viewer and gaining insight into what makes him or her happy guides the process of creating a new space. Whether it be a modern art form and an antique lamp, the use of colors and complementing pieces reflect the person’s preference and bring amazing results that give pleasure.

PANTONE VIEW Home + Interiors 2018

Verdure: This palette is so symbolic of health, the profusion of greens features colors like Celery and Foliage being combined with berry-infused purples and an eggshell blue and it updates  with some bright and contrasting hues.

Pantone 2018 Home + Interiors Color Trend 3

Resourceful: This is quite an interesting color combination, complementary colors on the color wheel – oranges and blues – are combined in this palette that is clever and “resourceful” in re-using and re-furbishing what consumers may already own. It combines warm and cool tones that you just can’t avoid looking at it.

Pantone 2018 Home + Interiors Color Trend 4

Playful: Think “Minions.” Bright yellow, lime popsicle, and all other things fun come together for this color scheme. “People need to stop and smile”.

Pantone 2018 Home + Interiors Color Trend 2


Discretion: Playful’s alter ego. Subtle hues such as Elderberry and Hawthorne Rose offer a new sense of strength. “Pink has developed more power than ever before”.

Pantone 2018 Home + Interiors Color Trend 5


Far-fetched: With warm, earthy hues such as Cornsilk Yellow blending with rosy tones, this palette “reaches out and embraces many different cultures”.

Pantone 2018 Home + Interiors Color Trend 6


Intricacy: A palette of neutral metallics (aka, the “new neutrals”) with accents of dramatic Holly Berry Red and yellow Sulfur.

Pantone 2018 Home + Interiors Color Trend 7


Intensity: This is an eclectic mix of colors that evokes a sense of strength, power and sophistication, all balanced with black and gold.

Pantone 2018 Home + Interiors Color Trend 8


TECH-nique: Bright turquoise, pink and purple colors anchored with Brilliant White and Frosted Almond nod to technology. This palette is all about hues “that seem to shine from within”.

Pantone 2018 Home + Interiors Color Trend


“I believe everyone should love his or her living space!” – as says the famous proverb “Home is where the heart is…”


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