2018 Home + Interiors Colors

Renovating/ Building with Color Trend Home 2018…

Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman also predicted some of 2018’s design trends. She expects the 1970s trend to stay strong, with plenty of fringe on the way. She highlighted our fascination with letters and words as a design element, the use of triangles as a motif, and dimensional diamonds and intricacy (which she attributes to the popularity of 3-D printing). Wood treatments have also become “very unique and really artful,”

Color trend predictions for 2018 by Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman, says that shiny is in.


Pantone 2018 color direction: Metallics


“Metallics we know are classic…but they have really moved over into neutrals.” She also noted an ongoing fascination with all things iridescent, pearlised, or translucent, which she said: “the human eye can absolutely not avoid.”

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Pantone 2018 color direction:  Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Browns, Grey, Black, White, Black & White.


Eiseman’s color trend predictions show a shift away from the pastels of recent years (like 2016’s Colors of the Year Serenity and Rose Quartz, or the omnipresent Millennial Pink) to bolder, brighter shades.

“Intense colors seem to be a natural application of our intense lifestyles and thought processes these days,” she said.

These trends are reflected in the 2018 Pantone View Home + Interiors palettes. The eight color groupings, which you can see above, are:

Pantone Color Swatches

Top row:  Verdure, Playful, Discretion, TECH-nique. Bottom row: Far-Fetched, Resourceful, Intricacy, Intensity.


Picking Right Interior Color…

As anyone who’s ever painted a room knows, color is paramount to its design.

Which color should I paint my room?… It’s a question everyone encounters throughout life, yet it remains equally daunting every time. Perhaps for the reason that —you don’t want to get it wrong. Yes, paint is a cost-effective way to transform a space, which means it can also go terribly wrong if the tone isn’t right.

The color used to decorate room in a house can affect the occupants’ mood: Pick the wrong hue and everything, from the furnishings to the artwork, can appear grim. Meanwhile the right shade can add an extra layer of splendour to each texture and finish. In fact, choosing the perfect color is so important that many major paint companies devote an entire year to translating trends into applicable assets for the home. “Color is an intensely sensitive, personal choice that humans interact with every day.”

“Color acts as a guide in design, and the role of a paint companies is to help educate their customers on what’s out there in the marketplace. That’s where color forecasts play an integral role.” Many leading paint brands, releases its Color of the Year and supporting palettes, many times with a story to match that demonstrates how to completely revive your home with a fresh coat of paint.

While the trends are clearly laid out, the path to determining the final color range isn’t so cut and dry.

Color has always been important… Ever since man understood fiery red meant danger and those purple berries were poisonous, color has been associated with moods and feelings.

So how is one to know which paint colors to try and which to avoid?


Seventh Sense, your ability to Imagine…

The five basic senses that human beings have are sight, smell, hear, taste and touch. And then comes the much famed sixth sense of ‘intuition’. So, what’s the seventh? It’s one of the most important yet neglected sense with which there is no end to creativity that one can produce. 7th sense is the ‘ability to imagine’, to enable you to interpret your environment.  Remembering sensations, feelings, and experiences ensures you make better choices, such as avoiding danger or pain, and prompts you to seek experiences that feel good.

So, the most important function of your senses is to help you make choices that ensure you are happy and your needs are met.

Seventh Sense

Your primary needs are safety and survival, security, closeness with others, challenge and growth, happiness, self-esteem, balance, and fulfilment.  And it is the job of your senses to ensure those needs are always addressed.

You are endowed with seven senses… touch, taste, smell, hearing, sight, feeling, and emotions.  Yes, your emotions are one of your senses!


Color Psychology for Interiors

Colors can affect you, your home and your work environment. Emotions and moods swings could be the effect of the color that surrounds you. You could lose your temper faster Or keep your calm longer all because of wall color. It’s surprising what colors can do so pick your color carefully. I’ll help you reach the color best for you.

A word of caution here – not every color meets with everyone’s approval so you could consider a quick dipstick before you pick a color.

Nature has bestowed us with exquisite colors.

There can’t be a better language for emotions than colors.


Associated with: danger, passion, energy, warmth, adventure, optimism
Best for: dining rooms as it promotes sociable and lively feelings, and stimulates the appetite
Pitfalls: it can be overpowering and lead to headaches. Either vary the shade, paint one wall red, or use it for accessories only. Don’t use red in a baby’s room.


Associated with: love
Best for: bedrooms as it can be peaceful and restful. A hot fuchsia can introduce passion
Pitfalls: can be appear to be very girlie and sickly sweet. To counteract this, introduce hints of dark charcoal or black



Associated with: stability, reassurance, warmth, and is thought to aid digestion
Best for: living and dining rooms
Pitfalls: might keep the occupant awake when used in a bedroom. It can make a room look smaller because it’s an advancing color, so make sure the room gets plenty of light.



Associated with: nature and energy, calming and restful, balance (halfway between red and blue) security, stability
Best for: bedrooms, living rooms
Pitfalls: too much green is thought to make people too complacent or too laid back. Inject some red or orange to counteract these feelings




Associated with: calming and soothing; promotes intellectual thought; believed to keep hunger at bay; loyalty, serenity, authority, protection, contemplative, prevents nightmares
Best for: bedrooms, bathrooms, studies
Pitfalls: can look cold and unwelcoming. Make sure it doesn’t look too chilly by choosing a blue with a warm undertone.



Associated with: sunshine and energy, stimulates the intellect
Best for: kitchens, dining rooms or north-facing rooms
Pitfalls: not very restful for a bedroom. Yellow is thought to enhance feelings of emotional distress.



Associated with: spiritual matters – suggests the misty area between the sky and heaven, feminine
Best for: bedrooms and bathrooms to create a stress-free sanctuary
Pitfalls: can be dull. Liven it up with black or silver, or both.



Associated with: creativity, fertility, joy, but also magic, evil, death and sex
Best for: bedrooms
Pitfalls: can be overpowering




Associated with: security, stability and very practical
Best for: living rooms
Pitfalls: introduce a foamier color for mental stimulation such as green or blue.




Associated with: death, eccentricity, drama. It’s a non-color that absorbs color and reflects nothing back
Best for: using in moderation
Pitfalls: depressing – think of all those angst-ridden teenage bedrooms. Use it to temper the sweetness of other sugary colors such as pink, but don’t use it as a base color.

Look out for the Seasonal Colors

Another very important element that needs to be considered in this regard is that the color should look attractive during all seasons and suit the climatic conditions of that particular area.

Every season has its own set of colors and each color has the power to transform spaces and spice up surroundings. It’s almost magical what a color can do to the look and mood of a room. How it adds a touch of style and elegance to interiors. So, if you are planning to paint your home in Pantone 2018 color that best capture your favorite season, read on…



The hot sun, cool breeze and the comfort under a shady tree – that’s summer. The fresh spring landscape melts in the summer sun and the bright green grass gets softer tones.

It’s the very same hues which find their way into the summer pallet packed with cool colors.

Pastel shades and whites contrasted with a dark wall give a calm yet fresh crisp look to interiors.


The warm and inviting colors of summer make rooms look spacious and elegant. When combined with traditional decorations, antiques and fine china, they lend rooms a touch of formality and an air of elegance.



You will probably want to keep the winter chill out so add a dash of warm colors to your rooms.

If you pick a red it will lend energy and passion to them. Red and neutrals, such as tans and browns, will make rooms warmer.

An orange will enliven spaces and if used with another color it will give the décor some punch. Yellows will radiate warmth and keep you perked up while pale yellows joined with blues and reds will make living spaces more stylish.

Purple is yet another versatile warm color. Easily paired with complementary colors like yellow, orange and softer greens it can be used interestingly.

Purple with a greater ting of red makes spaces vivacious and exciting while purple with a greater amount of blue casts an air of relaxation and reflection.

Spring Nature bursts into life and the air seems to bubble with energy. The spring palette is vibrant, warm, light and clear. A whole host of colors come to mind when you think of spring. Sky blue, leaf green, fresh lilac and clear grey, scarlet, coral, watermelon, peach, sunshine yellow, turquoise, cobalt blue, violet and most of all, green.

Both a warm and a cool color, green is a blend of balance and harmony. Green used along with blue reminds you of the serenity in nature while green used in combination with yellow and black or yellow and white creates the perfect sporty, outdoorsy feel.



The green leaves turn into vivid hues of orange and rust with the onset of autumn. The colors of the season are fiery, warm and intense like burnt orange, olive green, poppy, flame, vermilion, teal blue, peacock, and burgundy while neutrals include warm browns – from stone through chocolate.

Yellow gives warmth to much of the autumn palette, made up of a mix of bright spicy vibrant colors and warm rich mellow hues. The autumn palette is characterised by hot oranges, fiery reds, ochres and muted olives.


Used in a sitting room this palette creates a rich and lively atmosphere. Autumn homes are less formal and more comforting.


Interiors tell your story, it’s your way of expression…

Home Interiors

Interiors of a house add a lot to the overall aesthetics but that’s not the end of it. Interiors of your room tell a story about you and it’s one of your ways of expression, which is ultimately driven by the power of imagination.

Creativity and inspiration arises in designing the interior of your rooms, and they play a role in affecting the way you think and how you go about your daily life.

Did you know that natural light has beneficial health effects and boosts creativity? Keeping small aspects like these in mind make a huge difference while doing your interiors, and the colors used matter too. Your rooms are your relaxing space. A space where you get entertained and rejuvenated, hence it is important to infuse positive elements to it.

Interiors that speak for your taste and have a role to play in the way you go about your daily life.… Have a look at some amazing guidelines and inspire your creativity:


Color Tones


Importance of Color Tones

Color tones signify varied energies for themselves, as in yellow and red symbolise warmth, whereas green and blue stand for vibrancy.



Happy Colors


Choose the Right Color
for the Right Room

Consider the purpose of the area that is to be painted, like the kids’ room needs to have bright and happy colors.







Color Texture is Important

Look for the right texture of colors and consider expert consultation to get the best results that fit your budget.




Trending Design Concepts …

The options are endless. There’s a world of paint colors out there for you to choose from. Get inspiration galore with these perfect paint color ideas and learn how to spruce up your home… and make the most of your décor with an interesting combination of colors, patterns and much more.


Red Door


1.    What’s the quickest, easiest makeover you can do to your home? Paint your front door a statement color that stands out from the rest of it. Try a stunning historical blue or a striking ruby red – it is surely not something you see every day.



White Walls


2.    If you are color shy, go with all-white walls. The absence of color is as effective as the presence of it!




Mixed Textures


3.    Use a variety of neutral shades and have fun mixing several textures in the rooms of your home to keep things interesting and visually appealing.



Stencil made Texture


4.    Modern paint effects like textures and stencils create interest and surprise. Think of these effects as unframed artwork adorning your favourite walls.





contrast Ceiling


5.    Add a splash of color to neutral walls by choosing ceiling and painting them a different, often contrasting, color from the main wall.




New Color Furniture


6.    Give a new lease of life to your favourite chairs, tables, dressers, drawers and desks with a new color or coat of paint. You will be surprised how quickly it will become your new favourite accent piece.




Bold Color Kitchen


7.    Make the kitchen pop by bringing in a bold color. You can draw some inspiration from here:




Color Block Wall

8.    If wallpaper isn’t your thing but you love colors and pattern, then color blocking may be just the technique you are looking for! All you need to do is pair contrasting colors and you can really make a statement in any room of your home without having to look for a tall furniture piece or wall art.


You just read how to give the rooms in your home a boost and create a brand-new look using paint colors. You can get the look you love while adhering to a budget that works for you.

You can decorate your home with these savvy ideas for an impactful update. Always remember that sometimes the simplest solutions can have the biggest impact so try these easy ideas to transform every room in your home.


Exterior Colors

A well-built house reaches another level when it exhibits good taste as well. One of the most crucial factors that build up the impression of the house is the exterior of the house.

The color for the exterior of a house should be carefully chosen and it should depict the imaginative inclination of the people living in it.

The background landscape should be taken into account and the color tone should have a trimming effect on the architecture.

Exterior Colors

As your house forms a part of your neighbourhood, colors which help it to blend with the same, should be chosen.


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